What is affiliated market?
Affiliated marketing is a way through which individuals can promote a product which you like and earn a commission out of it all. Of us have participated in affiliated marketing in one way or the other. For e.g. when you purchase of a product online there is an affiliated person who earns some amount of profit when you buy a particular type of product.

The structure: The industry has 4 players: – Merchant – Network – Publisher – Customer.However, affiliated marketing is a very long term process. It requires huge investment in the form of time only then you will be able to earn the desirable amount of profits
Steps to become affiliated marketer:

1) Select a profitable niche
The first thing you have to do is choose the particular market and the type of people you want to focus on. This will help you to decide the type of products you will sell or the type of website you will have.. Try selecting a niche that you are passionate about since you will have a different outlook towards it. Also make sure that the niche you choose will be profitable in some way or the other. The product that you have decided to sell should have a good market, and at the same time good demand. For this start with a brainstorming process, research and try to understand the market structure.

2) Search and create a plan
Your research should be never ending. Find out new information every day and be extremely careful about it since these will be the platforms from where you will be earning commissions. Create or draft a plan. Strategy your work.Give enough time and start with content writing. Draft your schedule and decide you many posts you would be writing per week or per month. Creating a plan is very important since it is the path that will help you achieve your goal on time.

3) Create a website or a landing page

Creating a website is not a tough job these days. All you have to do is buy a domain name and start working on it. There are many people outside in the market that will help you develop a website of your own.

4) Create high quality content and have affiliated product research
finalise what products to you want to sell your product should be relevant to the niche you have selected. Once you have done this all of your focus should be on making your content as attractive as possible.Only then the visitors will be attracted to your site. Start with writing of blogs, how did you like the product etc.

5) Generate traffic
our website will be your primary tool for promoting affiliate products and services. You can have paid traffic as well as free traffic

6) Sales
Till the time you have great traffic on your sale you will have amazing sales

Advantages or benefits:
1) Full time income
2) Flexible working schedule
3) No personal selling
4) No experience required

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