A garage door is something you use daily. It is easy to overlook a complex piece of machinery that needs constant maintenance and the occasional repair. It can be surprising to find the door malfunctioning even though it has been working well. To resolve any issue, you should use quality garage door repair services.

Periodic Maintenance

Like many of your machines, garage doors need regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Also, have your garage doors checked after you’ve gone through severe weather conditions like a storm.

You can do some maintenance and inspecting on your own. As an assurance, you can hire professional help to prevent any minor issues from escalating. Here are some things you can do:

●     Door tracks: check if the wheels on the door are rolling when you close and open it. The tracks should align and not bend.

●     Batteries: to avoid losing power on your automatic openers, make sure to replace the batteries once a year. The same goes for your remotes.

●     Door: dirt can accumulate on the door and move to its smaller moving parts, causing wear. When cleaning the door, use a gentle detergent and soft cloth. Avoid using a power washer, as it can remove the door’s paint.

●     Other hardware: check for any sign of damage on the small components you can see. You can also check the motor to make sure it’s running normally and not making any weird noises.

●     Door support: over time, the screws and brackets could loosen. Make sure that none of them have come out and that everything is tight.

Common Repairs

Some repairs do not need any professional help. You can fix a single hinge or install new weather stripping at the sides or under the door. However, you will need professional help to ensure that the parts have proper installation. Here are some repairs that you shouldn’t do on your own:

●     Cables: garage door cables attach to the bottom bracket by either a cable drum or pulley. Without it, the door will not lift. It will help support the garage door springs so that it doesn’t break or fly out.

●     Door openers: the opener is one of the more complicated pieces of a garage door. It has a circuit board that may need repair or replacement. Openers have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years.

●     Springs: The untrained shouldn’t handle springs, as it can lead to injury. The springs of the garage door bear the most weight. You will also require special tools to install them properly. Springs can either be torsion or extension springs, and a broken one is noticeable.

●     Rollers: rollers can wear down or break with enough force. They make sure your garage door’s movement is smooth and aligned.

●     Remote: remote issues can stem from the battery or the programming. If no repair is possible, then you might need to buy a replacement.

●     Hinges: make sure to call for professional help when installing multiple hinges. Their installation needs to be precise to avoid unnecessary stress on the other parts of the garage door.

Safety Sensors

Most modern garage doors feature safety sensors to reduce the chance of accidents. In the past, vehicles, children, and pets have received injuries due to the lack of a safety sensor. The garage door weighs a lot, and you can get pinned by it. Depending on your garage door, it may have a sensor or an auto-reverse feature. The auto-reverse feature will allow the door to roll back if it encounters an obstacle.

You’ll notice that your sensors are having problems if they start flashing. Another issue you may encounter is the door quickly rolling back even though it hasn’t hit any obstacle. Maintenance and repair will fix this issue.

Door Replacement

If your garage door is more than five years old, it may be time to consider getting a new one. New technology will improve your current door in many ways and can also be a way to upgrade your home’s aesthetic. Here are some reasons to get a new one:

●     Better insulation

●     Backup battery features

●     Quieter

●     Improved security features

●     Strong doors to resist severe weather

A garage door is an investment you should not take for granted. It can potentially reduce your energy bills and protect your home from property damage and theft. Technology has made it so that garage doors have more features but don’t cost exorbitant prices.

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