How to Unlock Everything – Kirby and the Forgotten Land Wiki Guide

ByIda G. Payne

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Past Edited:

As you progress through Kirby and the Overlooked Land and rescue Waddle Dees, you’ll unlock new Waddle Dee City structures, copy potential evolutions, specific figures, and extra. This guideline covers all unlockables in Kirby and the Neglected Land.

Waddle Dee Town Unlockables


The Waddle Dee Cinema is offered nearly quickly, but almost everything else in Waddle Dee City demands to be unlocked. These amenities, unique figures, pictures, and even blueprints, can be unlocked in Waddle Dee City by progressing by way of the Key Tale, rescuing a particular amount of Waddle Dees, besting mini-game titles, and a lot more.

See the complete record of services under and the Waddle Dee Town Unlockables Manual for certain specifics on how to unlock every thing in Waddle Dee Town.

Duplicate Capacity Evolutions – Blueprints

All Duplicate Abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Blueprints are essential to unlock All Copy Abilities and Evolutions at Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee City. There are 24 Duplicate Potential Blueprints in overall, which can be identified hidden in certain Principal Phases.

You will also have to trade in Rare Stones to unlock these Blueprints, so make guaranteed to study How to Get Scarce Stones.

Most important Stages


Much more major phases in Kirby and the Overlooked Land will be unlocked by natural means as you complete the just one that comes in advance of it. Even so, the last manager stage in every single region demands you to rescue a certain selection of Waddle Dees from that unique space prior to it can be offered.

Added, specific, additional difficult levels will be unlocked and available by way of Waddle Dee City once you finish the major story and see the credits.

Treasure Streets

Treasure Roadways are optional side issues you can see pop up on the map. Most of them will be uncovered as you complete primary stages and unlock new Duplicate Potential Evolutions with Blueprints, but some of them are concealed. You are going to have to have to hover above their place on the map and push A to unlock them. See All Treasure Road Phase Locations for pictures of every single Treasure Road so you can obtain them all. Finish them all to unlock a new image for Kirby’s house in Waddle Dee Town, and attain the exclusive determine, “Scarce-Stone Learn.”

Determine Collection – Exclusive Figures

Particular Figures in Kirby and the Overlooked Land

Most figures in Kirby and the Neglected Land are discovered randomly inside “gotcha” capsules, observed within primary stages or by using a capsule machine in Waddle Dee City. Some of the figures will not be readily available to attain until you unlock the relevant merchandise or enemy in the sport. For illustration, you won’t be able to get the House Ranger determine till you unlock the House Ranger duplicate ability. You can see figure prerequisites by seeking at your assortment. Some figures are viewed as Special Figures, and are only unlocked by doing a specified process. Learn far more about these on the Waddle Dee Town Unlockables page, or click as a result of the slideshow higher than to see them all right here.

  • Vol. 1 Distinctive Figure – Cafe-Workers Kirby Complete all three complications of the Support Preferred Mini Video game at Waddle Dee Cafe to get the
  • Vol. 1 Special Figure – Delivery Waddle Dee – Enter at the very least 5 Current Codes at Waddle Dee-liveries
  • Vol. 1 Particular Figure – Cafe-Staff members Waddle Dee – Order enough goods from the Waddle Dee Cafe.
  • Vol. 1 Distinctive Determine – Intelligent Waddle Dee – Hold listening to Wise Waddle Dee till it offers you the determine
  • Vol. 1 Particular Figure – Product-Store Waddle Dee for obtaining from the Merchandise Shop enough moments.
  • Vol. 1 Exclusive Determine – Match-Shop Waddle Dee – Entire the three Tilt-and-Roll Kirby problem stages
  • Vol. 1 Distinctive Figure – Fishing-Pond Kirby – In the Flash Fishing Mini Gam, catch various fish in a row for a probability to snag a “Major 1.” Capture it to earn 500 Star Coins and the special figure.
  • Vol. 4 Unique Figure – Final Existence-Form Fecto Elfilis – Total the Colosseum Final Cup
  • Vol. 4 Exclusive Figure – Leon and Carol – Uncover all the collectibles Tap to Reveal in Isolated Isles – Forgo Dreams
  • Vol. 4 Exclusive Determine – Species Born of Chaos – Chaos Elfilis – Defeat Top Cup Z at the Colosseum
  • Vol. 4 Specific Determine – Commentator Waddle Dee – Conquer all a few cups at the Colosseum
  • Vol. 4 Special Figure – Unusual Stone Grasp – Comprehensive all Treasure Roads
  • Vol. 4 Particular Figure – Weapons-Store Waddle Dee – Improve all Duplicate Capabilities
  • Vol. 4 Particular Determine – The Deedly Dees – Update The Deedly Dees’ phase entirely, which expenditures 3,000 Star Cash
  • Vol. 4 Specific Determine – Usher Waddle Dee – Get all the films by finishing Forgo Land and the Ultimate Cup Z, then converse to the usher inside the cinema


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