A katha is basically an identification paper that is given by the local civic body that recognizes the ownership of a particular property and that makes the owners of the property eligible for receiving the civic amenities that will be extended to her or him.

  • Every city or town municipal corporation or council will issue a Katha that identifies the owner of the property once the title deed, other documents and sale deed is verified, this is apart from the site measurement.
  • In the last few years, there have been indiscriminate issue of the kathas that have been recorded in the Town Municipal Councils and City Municipal Councils without the verification for the land.
  • In the year 2007, those who come under the CMCs (City Municipal Councils) of Dasarahalli, Yelahanka, Mahadevapura, KR puram, Bommanahalli, Raja Rajeshwari nagar and TMC (Town Municipal Council) of Kengeri and about 110 villages that were brought under the particulars of BMP (Bangalore Mahanagara Palike).
  • When you follow the pattern of creation and expansion of the BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike), those who have not had the proper approval from the appropriate land development authority and are yet to come within the ambit of Palike were given an acknowledgement that is on par with what is now called ‘B’ Katha.
  • Yet so, in reality, the ‘B’ Katha will not exist anymore. Property identification numbers will be entered into a registration that is terms as ‘B’ register mentioning that this civic agency shall have its dues paid by the owners of the property.
  • For the citizens who are in need for approval from the land development authority but have a conversion of DC (Deputy Commissioner), the Betterment Charges was re-introduced by BBMP that will allow people to take this katha for their property.
  • Not long ago, the extension of the Deputy Commissioner conversion for a year was approved by the Legislative Assembly.
  • But then, the owners of these properties that have broken some by-laws, then they will need to wait up for Akrama Sakrama.

It would be better to have properties that have A katha since in the case of B katha, you will not be entailed to hold on to a building license, trade loan or license from financial transactions and banks. B Katha is only a temporary measure that will let you sell or buy a site and will probably give you problems when you start construction.

Let’s look at some real life cases – A person who holds a property close to Hosur Road that was gifted by his father, at 40, he still awaits the government’s stand on kathas. The location where his property is was under the jurisdiction of the gram panchayat before coming under the jurisdiction of BBMP limits. But even after 4 years, the he still holds the documents he has from the panchayat days. He does know about the ‘B’ katha, but does not feel like applying for it since it is ambiguous in nature. He would prefer to get the A-Katha since this will secure his property. There is still a lot of confusion on the katha itself as the B katha is in fact an entry in the property identification register.

Make sure you take along a trusted attorney when you verify a plot before purchase.

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