Nigeria is a great country. As Christians living in Nigeria and as citizens of this great country, I want to say that we all have a glorious, fantastic inheritance here in Nigeria (Africa). I know that our inheritance is in heaven, where there is no more sadness; no more pain; no more suffering, and where we shall see Jesus face to face, yet this our glorious inheritance begins HERE AND NOW on earth!

This inheritance may not be in a platter of gold. Nothing good comes so easy, and so, taking the easy route to our inheritance may not be the best option for us. In Joshua 19:41-46, the Bible tells us about the tribe of Dan and the cities that formed their inheritance. One of them is Ekron, a Philistine city. The Philistines were warriors, with so many giants in their land. They also had iron chariots, yet these Danites had to contend with them over their inheritance. They actually saw problems with the inheritance God gave them. They marched off somewhere else looking for a place to settle, until they came to Laish, an isolated place. They paid the price of taking the easy route, settling for the second best.

When you settle for the second best in God, you actually will lose your inheritance. As Nigerians, our inheritance is here, not elsewhere. Therefore we need to salvage our dear country, bring her to greatness and eat the fruit of the land (our inheritance)! More so, when Moses sent the 12 spies who searched out the land of Canaan, they were asked to go and ascertain the goodness or the otherwise of the land. They went and confirmed that it was a good land after 40 days search as God promised Moses before Israel left Egypt. They reported that the good land was inhabited by deadly enemies, but Caleb and Joshua reported that it was a good land, but that they were equal to the task (Numbers13:30; 14:1-9).

I want to report that our country Nigeria is a land that God has blessed with diverse blessings and the cities, in which we live, have a lot of treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, but it requires courage, spiritual fighting and understanding, to get our portion or inheritance from these blessings. Though so many people, even Christians, feel intimidated because of the presence of stiff oppositions, yet our portion of the inheritance will not be lost. I want you to understand that the good of the land is for those who are righteous (Isaiah 1:18-19; Deuteronomy.28:1-13). For you to get your portion in this land certain things must be on ground which cannot be compromised. If any person is in doubt of the possibility of getting his portion in the midst of terrible competition, opposition, corruption and evil in the society today, he should listen to people like Joshua and Caleb and avoid taking the easy route that leads to perpetual bondage.

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