Our Kitchen Drawing & Designs (A Renovation Update)

Design is officially nicely underway at our property and it’s been very wild driving the scenes about right here. If you comply with alongside on Instagram you might have noticed my tales about the weekend – eek. For those curious, I assure to share a additional specific construction update shortly – which incorporates a number of attention-grabbing, and potentially terrifying, surprises. But right before I share the issues we uncovered all through demolition, I owe you a really serious design update, such as a kitchen drawing I’ve been which means to place with each other to share. As a refresher, this post details exactly where we have landed as significantly as our renovation options go. And this submit demonstrates the kitchen inspiration slash vibe we’re going for (so great, imho).

Lately I have been finding that drawing is the easiest way for me to get my tips out of my head. It also can help me get the job done through the particulars in a much more three dimensional strategy. It’s a thing I have commenced performing much a lot more with my shopper operate, and I totally liked the procedure as nicely as the way it communicates the more intricate facts of a room. So I thought I’d set jointly a tiny kitchen area drawing to help express our own kitchen area design programs.

As pointed out, it is not my complete aspiration kitchen area (this was our original approach, if you keep in mind). But because we’re not going to reside in this article for that substantially extended, we resolved to scale again by not relocating our again door, and not undertake any substantial plumbing or structural get the job done. And this right right here is where we have landed. And although it is a departure from the authentic options (entire with a wonderfully oversized island I have had goals about) it will be a really attractive area, filled with a ton of allure and genuinely really but practical times. Those people specifics include things like, but are not minimal to wall panelling, layered lighting, a stunning farmhouse sink, open up shelving, and a cutie created-in bench nook. I’m now daydreaming about all of the deliciousness that will be whipped up in this incredibly location (Christmas cookie decorating party, anyone?!)

Alas, in this article you go. I have entered the “I’m so excited” period of the task and there’s a lot additional updates to come. If you have any queries at all or there are any specific posts you want to see let me know. I’m an open e book and pleased to share any and all of the details (together with charges, if which is of interest, as I know people never commonly speak about that facet of renovations and it is sort of an significant element).


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