Dining Room Design Tips - How to Design a Dining Room

They say that the tasting buds alone do not decide the taste of the food. The taste of food demands much more than the ingredients. And we sense this aphorism the moment we step inside some gracious good grand restaurant. There are elements that add up to the taste. These elements are what the Top interior designers in India, Radvi says, see more of when designing a dining room. So, how can you bring on these elements in place and design your dining room like divine?

The delicacy of a dining room depends upon several elements of design and development!

How to design a dining room like top interior designers?

If your eating place is a mess, even the delight will taste less; if you’re eating place is fine, even the dirt will taste divine. Such impact does the design spell over the mind. No wonder people spend millions over interior designing and architecture. It relates your experience. And what more good is there in the world than getting good experiences?

The design of a dining room depends on several factors. These factors are often called elements of design in the field of interior designing –

  • Color
  • Form
  • Space
  • Line
  • Texture
  • Light
  • Pattern

These elements define the type of furniture that should be used, the type of light, the space between different elements, etc. Although it might feel too tough at one point, it still takes the dining room a step or two ahead. Another way is to hire the top interior designers in India, Radvi says. If you have the budget, it is always good to see more of the experts.

Otherwise, here are a few ways to follow to design your dining room like a divine!

Plan the Space!

It all starts with the space. If you have too less some space then you might have to adjust other elements to make it look bigger. If you have a big space for dining, then you might need to design the space.

A bigger space opens up many different possibilities for a family. For example, it could be used for a family party; it could be used as a library cum dining hall, etc.

Plan the functionality!

Now, it comes down to how you want to use the dining area as. If you want to combine it with a library, then the structure will turn different. A half wall works fine in this. It helps in increasing the area further.

If you plan to use the dining area as a party hall on festive days, then it would require some other design.

You’d also want to think about the aura you want to create. If you want to have an intimate aura, then it would change the use of paints, placement of furniture, the texture of the furniture, etc. If you want that the dining should happen in a peaceful environment, then there would be further changes made. For example, the design will turn minimal and no such object apt of sparking the conversation will be placed in direct sight.

Create the dining setting!

Generally, the dining hall is made to create a sense of intimacy and connection. It helps in relating the taste of food and personal life. This means that you’d decide relevant things regarding those elements of design.

The dining table usually gets the center of focus. It gets placed in the very middle of the room, given that there is enough space around it for the movement of people.

The color of furniture and its texture must be decided around the mood one wants to create. If you want a peaceful setting, avoid rough texture and dull colors. Go for a smooth texture of upholstery and furniture; the legs of furniture must not be covered with skirt like cloth (you must be able to see more through and behind the furniture); the furniture must not have an enclosing pattern. Furthermore, the carpet below the dining area must not have a dark pattern, color, and texture to it. Warm pastel colors work on appeasing the mind and increasing the appetite.

Decide on the lighting!

Lighting is very important when it comes to eating. The right lighting can increase your appetite, whereas, the wrong one can make you feel sick. No wonder all the top interior designers in India, Radvi says, take lighting with prime consideration. This is why it becomes so important to decide the right set of light.

You want to use indirect lighting in the first place. You may use cornice lighting at the corners. However, there are other options available too and it’s a matter of personal choice.

Placing pendant lights in trail over the table creates a sense of focus on the food. This works best when the function of dining hall is to eat and eat alone. If you want a quiet experience, we say you’d want to go for it. However, make sure the lights are not over the chairs and are well below to lit the food and the faces together. You’d not want to let shadows ruin the experience.

Think about your family!

If you have kids in their childhood age, you’d want to create a playful environment. The best way is to give the dining hall some theme. Install characters into the area to keep their mood light. It helps in sparking creativity and thus good growth. However, make sure you do not make it a chaotic place by overdoing it.

Know your child about the likes and dislikes. If there is a personal favorite choice of colors, characters, etc. bring all these in and give them a place.

Furthermore, if you like talking while eating, we suggest you bring in an object to spark the conversation. The object could be a painting, a souvenir, a sculpture, etc. This also helps in easing the mood when the guest arrives.

Creating a sense of harmony!

You’d not want to see a dining room that harbors disharmony beneath. It requires knowledge, creativity, and precision to create the just-right setting. Try using the theory of harmony while deciding about things. Choose a color palette that you’d want to color your dining hall in. Usually, light warm pastel colored setting works best. But some people like rich and serious aura, and thus there are other choices.

There must not be too many patterns in the room. This creates noise in the visual environment. The other elements must be placed after giving them enough thoughts.

Shaping a space towards perfection is too tough to do. It is the same as doing a surgery is tough; hitting the ball for a homerun is tough; creating pottery is tough; sniping the enemy is tough. It takes expertise and knowledge. If you are willing to let your home be shaped by an interior designer and are looking for the top interior designers in India, Radvi is your name to trust upon. See more about its decades old experience and expertise in the field.