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High school and middle school musicians, join our jazz big band or small jazz combo this fall – now rehearsing and recording online! Collaborate to produce audio recordings and video performances of the full band. Great jazz music, serious music education, and fun! All instruments and vocalists welcome. Fall season starts soon. Please contact us for information,

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A huge grocery order was just delivered to our house. Lots of hamburger mean, spaghetti sauce, chicken, frozen vegetables and there is no clue as to any contact other than a personal shopper card with a name on it. We believe it came from costco bc there is a kirkland brand included. We called Costco and they told us to throw it away but we are trying to find out who it belongs to before we do that. We have stored the perishables. In no one claims it, I’m wondering if anyone knows where I might donate it? Or if this is your delivery or you know who’s delivery it might be, please contact me at: [email protected]

LOST KEYS: near Stuart Ridge/ Lake Newport/FFX Pkwy. Set of keys with Toyota key, stretchy wrist holder, blue fabric strap w/ moon/stars. If found please contact me at 703-593-5116.
Thank you!

Local Question

how long is the wait for voting in reston

Local Question

Where are the early voting locations
in Reston.
i normally vote At the school on Cameron.

Local Question

Have you attempted to vote in-person at an early voting location? If so, how long did you wait? If you were planning to vote early and in-person, have the reports of long waits changed your plans? Your answers may be used in an upcoming Patch story.

Have you attempted to vote in-person at an early voting...

Local Opinion

Gov Northam seems to be point out that he caught the China virus from the member of his residence staff — blaming them. That ain’t right to do. He could have caught from someone else.

Plus, his edict demands citizens wear masks when…“Any indoor space shared by groups of people who may congregate within six feet of one another or who are in close proximity to each other for more than ten minutes.”
He didn’t break his edict, right?

Local Question

I swung by the Fairfax County Government Center Wednesday morning to drop off my family’s absentee ballots. There were long lines for people doing in-person early voting, but dropping off absentee ballots was fast and easy. Do you plan to vote early? Have you applied for an absentee ballot yet? Have you already voted? If so, what was your experience like? Answers may be used in an upcoming Patch story.

I swung by the Fairfax County Government Center Wednesday...

Petition to advocate for special needs kids return to school. Please consider signing my petition and be an advocate for special needs children. This is not about politics or about infringing on anyone else’s rights. We are advocating for our children who are severely falling behind while supporting everyone else’s right to stay home or take all safety measures necessary for their family. Please consider reading it before making a judgment. Thank you.

Local Question

Good afternoon. Could anybody point me in the direction of financial and housing assistance for single mothers please? I lost my job due to COVID-19 and will need to move before the end of October. Any and all assistance and advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Last Monday I lost one of my closest friends
Tuesday my mom called me crying saying she was being evacuated from her home in Oregon due to the fires…she lost her place
Wednesday I ended up in the hospital with food poisoning so bad I was in pain for 5 days all while starting not 1 but 2 new jobs.
My lease ends next month and I’m losing my apartment because covid made my rent late and I can’t renew.
Tuesday I walked 6 miles at 11pm home from work in chantilly, alone.
I walked to work today in the rain and worked my entire shift in wet clothes.
Tonight I find out my son tried to commit suicide 2 days ago

I’m at my bottom….I need Prayers going up….I need words of strength….i need housing… Any direction as in we are new to the area would be greatly appreciated

I have a 3 bedroom fully renovated condo available to rent in Reston near Lake Anne. Asking rent price is 1950.00 all utilities included. Any recommendation on how I can advertise it to rent? Let me know. Thank you. Kayla.

I have a 3 bedroom fully renovated condo available to rent in...

Local News Tip

UPDATE: THE PHONE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO RESTON PD AS LOST PROPERTY … THE OWNER CAN RETRIEVE IT THERE. THANK YOU! Good morning! I found the phone photographed below while walking along Wiehle Ave (general area also photographed) this morning … Let’s help find the owner, OK? It’s not an Apple …my charger doesn’t work on it … and I can’t get it out of its case to learn what brand. The carrier is Boost Mobile, if that helps. I know I’d hate to lose mine … Hope we can reunite it with its owner. Thanks …