What is that?  You want to reminisce?

Sure!  I’m very good at that…

It was September of 1998 and I was in very first-calendar year college.

I acquired my tunes at that time from C.D.’s.  I hadn’t employed a cassette in very some time.

Before that year, a great deal of people today experienced identified how to buy a C.D. from a songs retail outlet, consider it house, copy the information on to their computer system, and then return the C.D.

That sucks, appropriate?  For the musicians and for the music shops?  Certainly, but I’ve never been one to make tries at redoing background.  I’d alternatively be straightforward about what social norms and customs had been at the time, and consider obligation for my actions.  This was, in its really to start with sort, audio piracy.  History will show that this was all section of the procedure in how songs went electronic, because the technologies to duplicate tunes arrived together in advance of the know-how to prevent individuals from copying tunes, and new music outlets authorized returns even if the plastic-wrap had been taken off the C.D.’s.

But in September of 1998, a good friend of mine instructed me, “I uncovered an even much better way to get songs!”

There was no greater way.  Not a opportunity.

“Download something called ‘Scour‘,” he instructed me.  And I did.

I booted up Scour, and chatting with my close friend by ICQ, because my cell phone line was my World wide web line and I couldn’t discuss to him on the land-line, he claimed, “Search for a music.”

Pop Quiz for those born in the 1980’s: What was the very very first MP3 you ever downloaded?

Any guesses at mine?

Favourite bands of all time: Green Working day, Pearl Jam, Purple Warm Chili Peppers, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The Offspring, Guns N Roses, The Doorways, Blink 182, CCR, and other people.

Was the to start with MP3 I ever downloaded by one particular of all those banks?


It was “Ghetto Celebrity” by Pras, featuring Ol Soiled Bastard and Mya.

Hey, it was 1998, ideal?  That tune was big!

So go in advance, inform me what your first MP3 was.  I dare you!

And was it on Scour?  Or Napster a number of months later?  If you are more youthful, possibly it was Limewire or Kazaa.  Probably it was Frostwire.  RapidShare or Pirate Bay?

I adore speaking about these days, and not just since time appears to be fleeting and I enjoy to reminisce about excellent instances, but also mainly because my technology lived as a result of a monumental celebration in human record.  “The Internet” came into our life in 1994, became mainstream in 1996, was a staple of our lives by 1998, and from then on, has improved the way we do almost everything, which include come across and hear to tunes.

For people interested, here’s a terrific book I go through a several many years back:

If you’ve ever wondered, “How did brand-new, strike tunes from top rated artists come across its way to the Internet?” then this reserve is a ought to-browse.

As history will show, and make bands like Metallica appear like idiots for refusing to embrace new know-how and way of existence, there was not only a refusal to let the technological innovation to exist, but also a typical refusal to learn and fully grasp it.

So below I am, at 41-yrs-old, looking at Non-Fungible-Tokens and experience like Lars Ulrich, yelling, “We really don’t want you as our enthusiasts if you are likely to use Napster.”

What the @#$%&* is a Non-Fungible-Token, people?

I suggest, I know what it is.  I know to the exact extent that you and the human being future to you can explain blockchain.

But what is it?

Why does it exist?

How does it aid our lives?  What reward are we finding out of its existence?

And what gain do we get from digital authentic estate?

We have a housing disaster here in Toronto, appropriate?  It is all we converse about.

So is our entire world likely to get any less difficult if we begin advertising an NFT of residences and condos?

A reader sent me this completely intellect-boggling article from the Miami Herald, of which I am now, sadly, a subscriber, which I’m heading to reproduce below in total:



“Crypto Forex Creeps Into Authentic Estate: Miami Mansion To Be Sold As An NFT”
Michael Butler
Miami Herald
April 24, 2022


Despite a housing affordability crisis, Miami is rising as a hub for cryptocurrency exercise and a forthcoming luxurious assets sale could present what the South Florida true estate marketplace of tomorrow seems like.

1 Sotheby’s Global Realty and Voxel Architects are collaborating with developer Gabe Sierra for Meta Residence, an 11,000-square-foot Miami mansion that will have a virtual counterpart in the kind of a non-fungible token, or NFT. A electronic token can be acquired, offered, exchanged in several sorts together with photographs and audio.

The virtual counterpart will exist within the metaverse on electronic system The Sandbox. The human being that buys the NFT at auction afterwards this calendar year will then acquire legal rights to the bodily house envisioned to be concluded by the stop of the 12 months.

One Sotheby’s Intercontinental Realty agent Michael Martinez designs to execute the property’s sale on the Ethereum blockchain. The property’s reserve, or least, selling price has nevertheless to be identified.

Sierra established the Meta Residence thought and has a building management history. He has worked in luxury housing progress for 10 several years following discovering from his father, developer Felix Sierra, who has labored as a developer for the earlier 30 yrs.

By owning a house accompanied by an NFT of it, digital currency end users can purchase the home right by using blockchain. They would also later on have the skill to transfer ownership of the property via good contracts secured by blockchain.

“My vision of where by this finishes up is builders and creators creating out digital extensions of true-earth ordeals,” Sierra said. “Whether it’s a dwelling or resort, you can construct a mirror and prolong on that for a electronic extension of these actual-entire world environments.”

A significant issue, though, is whether or when actual estate NFTs will come to be mainstream in the Miami-area housing marketplace for the houses center-class people can afford to invest in. For now, households like the Meta Home are for folks who can engage in in the luxury genuine estate arena.

With a duplicate of a authentic-globe residence existing in the metaverse, Sierra reported customers from all in excess of the globe could nearly tour houses without the need of acquiring to travel to their bodily areas.

“A huge matter about constructing NFTs of attributes in the metaverse is that you can present off houses significantly additional early on in their buildout to people around the environment,” he said. “Traditionally, people today have to glimpse at a photograph or a rendering. Now we can exhibit individuals residences in the metaverse.”

Sierra is a proponent of World wide web 3., the up coming era of internet which is unfolding in which consumers can produce and have ownership of the electronic place. He sees the Meta Home as a convergence of the electronic room and true estate. He thinks when NFTs will streamline the house-purchasing approach, they will not make actual estate agents entirely out of date.

“A authentic estate agent nevertheless serves a goal,” he mentioned. “They would have to push you to 20 homes, while now you could have a portfolio of homes they could clearly show you in the metaverse. They would nonetheless demonstrate where they could purchase land. This will make the getting process faster. It’s just going to evolve how actual estate operates.”

Lawyer Daniel Stabile has taught a blockchain regulation class at the University of Miami due to the fact 2018 and also wrote a textbook on the topic. As a member of the Miami-Dade County Cryptocurrency Task Pressure, he said that crypto can take out the require for selected intermediaries in business transactions like banking institutions with electronic forex becoming reliant on peer-to-peer engagement.

Stabile thinks that inefficiencies in how transactions are ordinarily accomplished amplify how crypto can be employed in real estate. Lots of communities all around the state are presently on the lookout at putting authentic estate titles on blockchain, he mentioned. Putting actual estate deeds on blockchain, he claimed, could be much more secure than owning paper information that can a lot more quickly be destroyed.

“We have a conventional databases program that makes inefficiencies to the issue you have to have title insurance policies,” Stabile stated. “A blockchain is fundamentally a database and can be general public. Men and women can have a superior diploma of confidence in it and it is a very good way to maintain track of records.”

The concept of a home like the Meta Residence in Miami helps make perception to Stabile, who states he thinks society is not much away from a entire world in which men and women search for financing to purchase land in the metaverse.

He used the case in point of a substantial-stop condominium sale to clarify how digital tokens — NFTs — could alter how real estate business enterprise is performed.

“If when getting a substantial-end condo, as an alternative of making use of income, you could create a electronic token to characterize (it),” he said. “A motive for that is you could trade (the NFT) additional quickly and get liquidity 24/7.”

Anthony Varrell is the founder of Only Gems, a Fort Lauderdale-based organization that is bringing asset-backed NFTs to the industrial industry. His organization possesses tangible collectibles such as a Dan Marino rookie Miami Dolphins card and creates NFTs to go with them. Several NFT exchanges only trade electronic tokens that characterize an real item as opposed to owning bodily and digital variations.

Varrell eventually sees NFTs starting to be needed as identification cards like drivers’ licenses and binding authorized files this sort of as house deeds. With the peer-to-peer interaction structure of blockchain, he agreed with Stabile that intermediaries such as title businesses that insert prices to actual estate transactions can be eliminated altogether and make the house-purchasing procedure less pricey.

“There’s no real cause for there to be a title firm involved or any of the intermediaries associated,” he reported. “However, if you truly glimpse at how the earth operates, I seriously feel it is heading to acquire a whilst for that to acquire area because with the legacy techniques, you simply cannot just say you will be creating deeds into NFTs.”

Coldwell Banker regional vice president Nancy Klock Corey does not see the metaverse owning a common impact on Miami serious estate and the house stock lack at any time before long, considering that physical people today and assets just cannot be made use of in the metaverse.

Corey claimed getting simply accessible information and facts is necessary for communities of all backgrounds to superior fully grasp how NFTs are acquired, marketed and exchanged.

“Whether the customer chooses to make investments in the metaverse or NFTs rather of (actual physical) serious estate (very similar to anyone opting for the inventory industry as opposed to acquiring real estate) however stays to be noticed, but is surely a likelihood,” she said.

As Miami-Dade County will become dwelling to more technologists and finance experts from other parts of the region and globe, Stabile is aware housing in the metropolis has develop into unaffordable for numerous of its longtime people.

Stabile thinks educating citizens about cryptocurrency can enable more people today employ it as a source, including to streamline authentic estate offers. He would like to see Miami-Dade associate with neighborhood companies and activists to provide people academic options.

“Blockchain at its coronary heart is some thing that can aid people today,” he explained. “A large amount of populations are finding punished for not getting a standard banking partnership. With crypto, you can shift this money for a portion. We do not want this technology to be one for the wealthy and strong, we want it for all people.”



“The vehicle is a novel creation, but it will never become as commonplace as the bicycle!”

Am I the previous man shaking my fist at a cloud right here?

Or probably I’m the dude nevertheless playing 8-observe cassettes mainly because “the seem is superior.”

But what the hell does all this imply?

The metaverse eh?


Elon Musk is discovering space and making an attempt to obtain an different for Earth to protect humanity for long term generations.


But the metaverse?

Possessing serious estate in close proximity to Snoop Canine?

Proudly owning a house in the virtual earth?

Blockchain and NFT as systems will undoubtedly be part of our each day lives as the environment moves ahead, but all this converse of virtual actual estate, mansions as NFT’s, and the Metaverse rubs me the erroneous way.  Like numerous hot, new, speculative marketplaces, it is heading to be a position wherever a handful of persons get exceptionally wealthy and everyone else gets burned…

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