How to unclog a drain without calling a plumber

People are often good at doing remedies when it comes to repairing issues at their homes. Clog drainage is common especially on sinks and shower rooms or restrooms. This can make homeowners inconvenient and if plumbers are not available they have to make remedies to be able to make their drains functional again. Hacks and DIYs are being done by homeowners to address the issue of clog drainages. You can just call a local plumbing contractor to assist your plumbing needs but what if they are loaded and can not assist you immediately? Then you have to unblock your basin drain if you can’t get a plumber, the question is how? Here are some remedies that might help you do the job:

What Do You Do When Your Drain Unblocker Doesn’t Work? Or How Do You Unclog A Bathroom Sink Drain?

Use remedies that can be possibly done even without using the necessary equipment that plumbers use. People are good at making remedies, so they can get the convenience they want and when they want things to be fixed immediately. 

Unclog A Bathroom Sink With A Plunger

Plungers are helpful to loosen the particles that cause the drain to clog. With suction the plunger can make the clog go up so it can be pulled out easily whatever is causing the drainage to clog. When using a plunger don’t use chemicals that are too strong or don’t use any chemical at all since it can splatter once plunger is pulled and can result in accidents. Repeated plunging is needed to suck the clog out of the drain. 

Use your Bare Hands 

If the particles causing the clog are visible, you can just scoop it out with your hand. In shower drains for instance, accumulated hair is one of the reasons why shower drains get clogged. You can unscrew the drainage and reach out for the hair that is stuck in the hole and this can solve the issue. 

Snaking the Drain 

These methods need an apparatus called a “snake”, this is a wire attached to a handle. The end of the wire is inserted in the drain so it can scoop out the particle that is causing the clog. Plumbers have an electric version of “snake” but other simple versions are sold if you need one, or you can simply improvise.    

Using a Cloth Hanger 

Hanger can be stretched and made into a long wire with a hook on the end. You can uncoil one of the hangers then use it to hook the blockage in your drainage. If you are lucky enough t5o scoop it out then your drainage will be clear in a few minutes. This remedy is common since getting a hanger is easier than doing other remedies listed. 

What Can You Pour Down A Sink To Unclog It?

Baking soda and vinegar is the most common homemade drainage cleaner. Combination of these two can break down the clog on the drain. First you have to pour hot water to the drain to soften the blockage then followed by baking soda then followed by vinegar  then pour boiling water again to flush down the blockage. Use half cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Repeat the process if necessary until the clog is dissolved. 

How Do You Open A Clogged Sink Drain?

Under the sink you can see a U-shape pipe and you will find screws that attach them together, you can unscrew them and you will be able to remove the pipes to check if the blockage is in that area. If the clog is there you can simply clean it then put it back and the drainage is functional again. 

Remedies to unblock your basin drain if you can’t get a plumber is effective sometimes however 

Call A Plumber If None Of DIY Methods Work! At least you’ve tried. Getting the expert’s assistance will still be best to avoid trouble on your part as well as make the repairs faster compared when using all the remedies needed and ending up calling a plumber in the end if none of them works. I believe plumbers are still better than you so call them instead.