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So you want a laurel before your yard, but your condo management company is denying you the same. Or suppose you want a dandelion before your yard, but they say it to be a Persian lilac. What then? Do you hold any right to act? When it comes to Condo Association Management Companies Texas they might or might not allow you the same. But who decides about it and how? Worth Ross- Texas, USA, has some clues about it.

Can Condo Management Companies lay gardening rules?

When it comes to HOAs and Condos, there are some rules. This is what makes these communities. But sometimes things go way beyond. Or do they not?

Rules are there to bring harmony among the many people who live there in the community. Imagine there are no rules! Then you might see someone planting a tree that people are allergic too. Or they might plant a tree that attracts too many insects because they love that tree. How would you deal? This is why there are rules in the HOA. So, when it comes to gardening and plants, many HOAs and Condo Association Management Companies (Texas) bring rules into the play. So what can you do about it? Here are few tips to follow:

Prevention is way way better than the cure! – CC&R

The first thing you would want to do is to go through all the policies and documentations that you would be going to get bound by. CC&R of a Condo or HOA, suggests Worth Ross- Texas USA. Also, you would want to make a list of all the questions that are dear to you. Ask them all to the HOA or the management company before you become a part of the community. CC&R (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) contains all the rules that you would be bound within in the future. If your thing is not there then feel free to ask for it.

There could be rules about what plants and trees you can’t grow in the yard; or there could be rule about what you can grow. But what if you failed to take note of it and started living already?

Talk to the HOA or Condo Management Company about it.

Sometimes talking does the work. If your neighbors hold no problem regarding it then you may go talk to the management company. This is why they say that always be good to your neighbors. Many Condo Association Management Companies are easy about these little things and allow for the sake of people’s joy. They could also lay some conditions before you for the sake of contingencies.

If the tree that you are going for grows way beyond and the HOA does not allow trees beyond a certain size, then you have to look into it. If the plant is a weed, then there could be problems too. You sometimes cannot even plan your garden your way.

Go legal if you think it is wrong!

Sometimes the HOAs can deny simply even if there are no rules to it but they think that it will ruin the visual feel of the community. In this case you can go legal and see. But it will be a mere hassle. Also, if you are planting a tree that people are allergic to, even if there are no rules regarding it, you might not plant it! Why? Because there are always rules. There could be rules that you cannot do something that harms neighbors etc.

So now you have it all before you. Do some research about the many dynamics that could be there, says Worth Ross- Texas USA, and walk accordingly. It is necessary for a community to be mused in harmony. Do not deny yourself and those around the same. Look for good Condo Association Management Companies (Texas) that could work things out always.